Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sindang Gile Waterfall tour

Travel plans:
- Lendang Bajur traditional 'Market
- Forest Pusuk, Monkey forest
- Village Segentar (Sasak traditional house)
- Sindang Gile Waterfall
- Hotels

After breakfast at hotel, then tour began by visiting the nature of the first object that is a traditional market Lendang bajur to buy fruits or nuts that we will share with monkeys monkeys in the forest pusuk.
then proceed to the Forest Pusuk inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that roam along the road waiting for food from visitors, after taking a picture and are happy to see the nuances about the way we proceed to the waterfall, in the middle of the road you will be in suguhkan keindahaan nature with hills, fields and forests.

after that we will arrive in the village Segenter, Sasak traditional village which is still very natural and ancient. Then visit the ancient mosque Bayan. And last visited Spindang Gile Waterfall at the foot of Mount Rinjani and after visiting satisfied gile waterfall spring, we invite you to visit a waterfall into two namely: Waterfall Tiu valve which is teridah and largest waterfall on the island of Lombok,
In the waterfall shower sepuas please fill, out of the shower the next day in our graves Senaru Cottage Restaurant located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level sideline enjoy extensive views of paddy fields that lay green from a distance. afternoon we return to the hotel with views across the beach malimbu with the sunset behind the majestic mountains on the island of Bali. Next to the hotel and rest it's free.

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