Thursday, October 7, 2010

If Stress, Go to the Island

SENTENCE was ejected spontaneously from the mouth of Hasan. Before he invited me to the Kampung Pulau philter Eggplant, already several times a Singaporean group, come and stay there. Nature tourism and culinary tourism is developed equally harmful.

Batam island city indeed. Hundreds of islands surrounding the border city. In the District there are 55 islands Belakangpadang, District Sekupang 7 islands, 68 islands headdress District, District Nongsa 18 islands and 83 islands in the Kecamatan Galang.

A visit to the islands, in addition to release tension and relieve stress, can also monitor the development of hinterland residents spread over these islands. Charming natural, traditional foods that arouse the sea, and the experience of living on the island will be something fun.

How, Pemko Batam through the Department of Tourism, can record where the islands are worth visiting and informing potential tourist. Including culinary tourism, historical tourism and religious tourism on the island. If there is already an entry list of the island worth visiting, and informed the residents of the island to be ready to receive tourists. Perhaps the first local tourists.

Fishing vessels, such as train, boat speed can be used as a means of transportation, when they do not go to sea. No need to build hotels, homes, can be transformed into a home stay, and provide food and beverages according to the number of tourists who would come. For example, fresh fish, brains are ready to be burned, drinks and so forth.

Then, what attract tourists? In addition to selling fishing village atmosphere, is also selling experience catch crabs, by doing all or fishing, or spear fish and shrimp with serampang or tempuling. Tourists can try your ability as if a fisherman. Tourist guide course native fishermen.

Interaction with residents of the island, can also be done with a friendly sporting events such as football and volley ball, or hold art performances. For hiking enthusiasts, can explore the island. Who like photography, can hunt for interesting photos about the sea and the life of fishermen. The experience of staying on the island, will be a fun and exciting. If Pemko Batam Visit Batam 2010 campaign, today we can do: Visit the island of Eggplant, now! ***

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