Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a trip to Manado version 2

In the past I have never felt such thing as a plane. Moreover, I do not know the procedure, should check this and check it. Imagine how you felt at that time. At that time I travel alone. Daring the streets just for the sake of inner satisfaction and meet my girlfriend Menado original. But after the first, of course I am no longer a fear. Now I have been able to resist the temptation to buy this and that. Understandably my walk is limited. His name also pockets of students. No doubt looking for cheap-cheap airline tickets and lodging so cheap too. A trip to Manado version 2 spent 1 week. I fill my holiday with local traditional food. Ranging from food yellow rice, tuna, tinutuan, saraba drinks. This beverage saraba wedang taste exactly the same as ginger. I also visited the temple of the famous Ban Hian Kong after kali.Orang Manado Manado wrote my original question still exist who do not know. Pity ya! Back again to Manado, not only wrote a nice meal, but the original girl Menado also unsightly as beautiful and fantastic. In Manado I try to walk to Lake Tondano using motorcycles. Despite the rainy weather but the show must go on. I ate grilled fish carp in La Rasa restaurant on the road next to the resting area.Tempatnya Tinoor good and cheap. At night you can also see the beauty of the shining lights of the city of Manado.

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