Friday, October 22, 2010

Overview of tourism in North Halmahera

MUSIC YANGERE, traditional music is community of North Halmahera.

In the region of North Halmahera district can be found a variety of unique and specific objects that are potentially to be managed and developed into a tourist attraction.

Panorama coastal white sandy beaches, the charm of the park, stretch of islands, biodiversity, and many more unexplored natural beauty

Kao and Morotai region is the second world war nostalgia zone where the two places has a strategic role at the time. A few artifacts remaining second world war, such as artillery guns, the wreck of war, amphibious vehicles, and runway protection bunkers can still be found in both these areas. Even one of the islands in the island of Morotai zum-zum once used as headquarters as well as a retreat by major generals Mac arthur, one of the leaders of the allied forces in the Pacific region at that time.

Meanwhile in the field of arts and culture are the types of dance, types of handicrafts, traditional music, different languages and the existence of indigenous cultural roots hibua Lamo. Some of them are nearly extinct. One of which is quite interesting is that some Togutil tribal communities still inhabit the forests of Halmahera, this community is believed to be descendants of Portuguese soldiers who had fled into the forests during the colonial war.

Incidentally, I have a friend genuine embarrassment. He introduced the northern Halmahera Profinsi northern Moluccas to me. Regional tourism is still a virgin and not at all touched by most people. The unique of this area is used to be a place of former World War II (two).

Beautiful natural scenery and fascinating cultural and artistic diversity that is still entrenched in the community is the capital of tourism potential to be developed. Natural tourism, marine tourism, cultural and historical heritage as well as agro supported a variety of cultural dances and folk handicrafts in the form of souvenirs made of North Halmahera is an ideal tourist destination.

Following a distinguished tourist attractions should you visit there, Guaranteed satisfied if already there:

1.Pulau Tagalaya (Tagalaya Island)

Tagalaya Island is one of a group of small islands scattered in front of the city Tobelo.

 How to get there
We can go to tagalaya island  from port Tobelo, public transportation is available by using traditional boats, to get to the island tagalaya take approximately ± 20 minutes.from the port of Tobelo with a price range from Rp 150,000/ person.
Another alternative way is to rent a speedboat. Tagalaya Island has a calm ocean currents with a wide stretch of white sandy beaches that surround the island. At the northern tip of this island there are beautiful rocks.

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