Saturday, October 23, 2010

Underwater Nature, Halmahera, North Maluku

Halmahera islands is a rich Gulf. Call it the Gulf of Kao, Buli, Vedas, Dodinga, and Payahe. The most famous, tourists and even hunted down, because of the uniqueness of nature is the Gulf Jailolo underwater.
Jailolo Bay became known two years since the West Halmahera Regency (Halbar) incentive events held nationally, even internationally, by placing the Gulf Jailolo as icons. Namely, the Festival Bay Jailolo (FTJ).
Jailolo is the capital of West Halmahera District, one of the young district in North Maluku (Malut) newly bloomed in 2003. From Ternate, only takes an hour to cross into Jailolo.

Visitors can depart from the port speed boat for about ten minutes from the airport Babullah, Ternate. Speed boat in the port-specific routes Jailolo Ternate.
When you do not want to ride the speed boat, visitors can ride a wooden motor vessel with a capacity of 100 passengers from Port-Dufa Dufa, Ternate. Port locations are only a few meters from the port speed boat.
If using a speed boat, only takes an hour to cross into Jailolo. The fee was Rp. 50 thousand. With a wooden motor boat, takes two hours to menyebarang to Jailolo. The fee was Rp. 30 thousand. (USD 1 = approx Rp.9000)
If you want better, there are speed boat crew members who serve rental services. Speed boat charter rates are usually called speed motorcycle taxi is Rp. 400 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand. “That quote alone among the Jailolo. If asked to pick up, rates could be bargained,” said Kamir, the skipper’s son Kieraha two motorcycle taxi speed

The charter boat can accommodate 12 passengers. So, for visitors who come with a large entourage, increased speed motorcycle taxis can be cheaper. The trip by speed boat charter is also 20 minutes faster than the speed boat trip to the public.
We crossed the Gulf of Jailolo, from the speed boat will seem small uninhabited island called Pulau Bua-Bua by local residents. The island is exactly located on the north side line of the outer bay.
Not sure why the island is no record of about 10 meters in diameter are called Bua-Bua. To be sure, beneath the waters of the island is 15 minutes from Port Jailolo the natural charm to save the underwater wonders.
Jailolo Bay is known as one among the ten best in the Malut waters. The bay used to be jujukan divers who want to enjoy the beauty of the seabed. “We have a ten-point dive in the Gulf Jailolo. Including the island of Bua-Bua,” said Paul Batuna, divers origin of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi), which became the coordinator of the survey on FTJ diving competitions in May.
General Manager of Murex Dive Resort and Liveboard Sulut states, the seawater in the bay, which entered the territory in terms of three coral (coral triangle), Indonesia was very clear, unique contoured, and save endangered marine biodiversity.
With this potential, not surprisingly, been the target Jailolo Gulf divers from within and abroad. “In 2010 FTJ, divers from Japan, America and Australia took part along with 50 divers from various areas within the country,” explained Chief Event Organizer Diyah Kusumah FTJ 2010.
According to Idris, divers joined in Nasijaha Diving Club (NDC), there are a number of rare marine life found only in some waters in eastern Indonesia. Including the Gulf Jailolo. He exemplifies the mandarin fish, japanese spy, nudybranch, Wreck, lion fish, the white shark fins (shark fin white), and black shark fins (shark fin is black).
“Sea Biota is rare and only exist in the Gulf Jailolo and Papua. Therefore, many divers who consider Jailolo Bay is like heaven,” he said. According to the diver who had taken part in a flag raising ceremony under the sea at 2009 Sail Bunaken in North Sulawesi, the natural underwater bay Jailolo still natural. Especially his soft coral. “Coral reefs are still intact. Type of fish is still diverse. Conditions that almost nothing in Malut,” he added.
To maintain the beauty of the underwater coral reefs in the Gulf Jailolo, West Halmahera Regency (Halbar) has submitted the draft local regulation (ranperda) on the protection of coral reefs, and all the Gulf Jailolo. Because, in addition to diving, the area is considered suitable for snorkeling tours, jet sky, and fishing. “We’ve proposed to the Parliament and ratified in the near future,” said Regent Halbar Namto Ir Hui Roba in 2010 FTJ closure.

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