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Jailolo charm of Halmahera hemisphere

Along every inch of the country will never run out admiration and curiosity. The beauty of each island, cultural richness and uniqueness of its people has its own side. The diversity that appears in each region were able to show real diversity.

One of the charms of the hemisphere Jailolo Halmahera is the city which is the capital of West Halmahera, to reach these places have to travel 1 hour from Port-Dufa Dufa Ternate with Speed Bout.
Jailolo has a natural beauty that can be enjoyed from the foot of Mount Jailolo and Jailolo port. Jailolo Indigenous Tribe consists of various tribes such as Sahu, Ternate, Wayoli, Gorep, Loloda. Other tribes from outside the area who lived in Ambon Jailolo like Tribe, Sangir, Tidore, Gorontalo, Makassar, Java, etc.. In Jailolo there are Native; Tribe Wayoli, in any division Wayoli Tribe village of Soa Monument to 1, Soa Tilingi the 2nd, 3rd Dubu'u Soa, Soa-Rou rou to 4, Soa Tosoa to 5.

Each village has a difference in determining the customary chief, traditional leaders, traditional ceremonies completed harvest. In the village Lolori have the custom, and the Council of Indigenous Peoples and the head was not elected by the people, the customs chief should be from the lineage. Village Tolosa 100% Christian population, while Christians and Muslims Tondowongi Village. The same thing is in the village women are not given the opportunity to become leaders.

Community Jailolo still maintain and run the customs and traditions such as ritual meal together at home adat (traditional house in a language called Sasadu Jailolo), this ceremony was held in May and June and with dances and traditional songs. One type of dance that emerged was the dance Legu Salau who served during traditional ceremonies.
Although residents living in the waterside Jailolo coast but the main livelihood Jailolo Residents are farmers, agricultural output which is seeded Nutmeg, Cloves and copra. Each village residents to plant lemon trees (Citrus) Cui, with yellow-yellow color, it's time to mark this lemom at harvest, but because it's cheap then people just let the lemon Cui dipohon.
Entering the village Mutui that must be taken using Katinting for 30 minutes from Jailolo, will find Mutui villagers who numbered 80 Head of the Family, they converted to Islam. Mutui villagers crops is Nutmeg, Cloves and copra, of the three kinds of these results is most in unggulkan Pala, because the selling price is very expensive (Flower Nutmeg / kg to Rp 100,000 and Seed Nutmeg / kg 70,000).
In addition there is mileage Susupu Village 45 minutes from downtown West Halmahera, using private cars. This village has a beach attractions, and already there are several facilities in the wake of local and provincial levels of Government, but now the facility is not neglected anymore.
Village berkitnya is Gamalamo (Gama means and Lamo meaning Big Village), Number of People in the village Gamalamo 100 Head of the Family and the majority of the population are Christian. In addition there are also villages Lolori.
The more developed villages namely Akediri Village, this village there were already a pretty good market facilities and advanced. Traditional houses in this village is next to Market (Location traditional house located in the center of the village crowd Akediri). The traditional house was built after the riots in Ternate, and this custom home community gathered and bermusyawara, to live again in harmony and peace, and ready to maintain security and order Akediri village.

Walking Jailolo beauty and community life there, do not complete if you do not visit the north Halmahera. North Hamahera there are still indigenous ethnic or religious faiths Wago wondered who resides in the village of Wago gauge (Wago means sun and wondered Earth). Wago residents thought were 200 people, is consistent with the results of the 2010 census. Community Wago thought wearing clothes of woven pandanus leaves, and only used a few days only, and is finally replaced again.
The principle of religious life of this tribe is very unique because they do not care about life outside their communities, according to their better yield rather than face a problem with the world outside them. For example if there are guests visiting or staying will be provided a place separate from their places of work, and they will prepare food raw materials, which must be cooked by the guests themselves.
Wago indigenous communities hold a strong thought to be one with nature through the village streets are not paved, so a distance of 4 kilo meters was just the path, according to their custom-made out of asphalt is their custom.
Customary ritual in the village of Wago thought this would be held in July or August, ie 25 of all traditional rituals according to their calculations, so in traditional rituals, they will evaluate their lives for 25 years. For example if during the past lived 25 he was making clothes from pandan leaf or she already cooked food, and during this celebration of traditional rituals, he must provide all of which had him doing 25 years ago, so indiscriminately, children should also carry out it.

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