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Godong Ijo cafe and restaurant Depok

Makan Sambil Rekreasi di Godong Ijo

Entering the cafe, you'll be made feel like entering the "forest", because the cafe was designed with the concept of "forest in the middle of town." Various kinds of facilities such as beautiful gardens planted with rare trees that have aged decades will give the impression of natural forest, complete with Koi Fish Pond, Fish Pond Alligator, Pond Fish Arapaima gigas (Fresh Water Mammal) will refresh your mind from the busyness of everyday.

Godong IjoAnda can view and interact with unique animals Ijo Godong collection, such as Kura - the world's largest giant tortoise, the world's largest Giant Snakes and Snake Albino Python. The presence of animals has always attracted the attention of visitors, especially children Godong Ijo Cafe also provides an extensive children's playground can accommodate 300's, so that children can play freely meraka here.
Godong Ijo
For you who like fishing there are equipped saung Fishing Lake and raft. As one means of increasing knowledge of children, you can introduce Thumbnail Ecosystems and Fishing for Kids.

There are 2 systems that offer fishing. The first system of Fun Fishing, visitors can fish with the rod system kilogram and can be cooked placed on grilled, fried or made into a delicious fish soup. For fishing enthusiasts (fishing mania) can also provoke jackpot system where visitors will get the jackpot if the jackpot fish caught (terms and conditions apply).

Cafe is equipped with a table "Round Table" made of teak wood that has been the choice for hundreds of years old and also chairs and antique furniture and elegant. Very luxurious feel in this cafe so it is suitable for various events such as entertaining business associates, employees entertainment company (company gathering), meetings (with screen, OHP, microphone), entertaining guests of honor, gather the family (family gathering), a family gathering, birthday party, lawful gatherings, or just to simply spend special time with family.

For those of you who have to interact with the virtual world, facilities Free Hot Spot can be enjoyed freely in this cafe.

Typical menu Godongijo
Menu Godong Ijo
Menu Godong IjoSiapa who do not know "Vegetable Asem", surely everyone had tried vegetable sour tamarind but typical vegetable Ijo Godong is very unique and delicious because it is mixed with "Kecombrang" as well as additional content to choose from shrimp, beef or tuna which are all same - the same delicious. Accompanied by sambal "Kecombrang" a unique and fresh that the appetite, various Sundanese cuisine presented becomes more tempting. This is what distinguishes this cafe with other cafe.

Gurame Fish is one of the menu mainstay at this cafe. Carp fish can be served with fried flour ways PANIR Thailand Thai chili sauce accompanied, Gurame Gurame halibut or grilled. In addition Gurame fish, fish also da Patin, Mas, catfish, which can be selected to be presented in a way baked, fried or sweet sour.

Do not forget to try the Peking Duck menu Balinese Bumbu Kacang Mede, and Peking Duck Kalasan. Seafood menu that must try is Acid Sweet Shrimp and Shrimp Egg Salted that became a favorite menu visitors because of its unique taste and certainly not heavy price dikantong. The menu is no less interesting that various Thai dishes, ranging from Thai Fried Rice (Chicken, Shrimp, Ebi), Tom Yum (Chicken Soup, Shrimp Thailand), Mede Thai Peanut Chicken (Kai Phad Phed Mamuang) to Thai-style snacks are light Cassava Thailand (Munchium) and various drinks Thai (Thai Tea, Thai Coffee. cendol Pearl of Thailand). Other available types of vegetables are Kangkung Cah, Cah Pok Coy, Pecel Semarang and vegetables.

The atmosphere of dining will feel refreshed because you sapat dining at Saung Saung cozy lakeside. Fishing Lakes atmosphere with the feel of beautiful gardens will increase visitor satisfaction.

Visiting the Godong Ijo with family and friends will be an enjoyable tour experience. The atmosphere is beautiful, complete facilities, delicious food and friendly service will make the place a favorite place to relax.

* Prices of food: Rp 8,000 - Rp. 55.000
* Prices drinks: Rp 3,000 - Rp 12,000
* Open: Every day
o Monday - Friday 09.00 - 17.00 pm
o Saturday - Sunday / Holidays from 09.00 - 17.00 pm

Godong Ijo
Jl. Raya Cinangka No. 60
Serua, Bojongsari
Depok 16517
Phone: (021) 747-1067 8
Fax: (021) 741-3334, 0813-83765977 (Jane)

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