Thursday, December 16, 2010

saving money tour to Medan


1. Lake Toba 
This is the world's 3rd largest lake. to get there, easy .. if from the airport, walk out of the airport to the surrounding road 10menit, new look for public transportation yellow no.64 for the purpose of the terminal sandpaper. from terminal sandpaper, find bus or intra prosperous for the purpose to Parapat. most surrounding Rp22.000 cost, - only until the parapatnya, surrounding the 4 hour trip. This bus will stop at Siantar moment to go up and down passengers. arrived in Parapat, have stopped at the port of the three kings or ajibata. kept on board who have to cross in order to tuk2 .. cm 7rb pay only, and ask in a nice drop in bay lodging, or in carolina cottage. tuk2 staying in cheap, and can view + rooms close to the lake directly .. Room prices from 30rb - 270rban .. , Then to tour around Samosirnya, who can ride motorcycles all day PLG surrounding disewain Rp100.000, - full with gasoline, or rental car ride all day there ,-... Rp400.000 surrounding panguguran (center of town on Samosir), Tomok ( raja2 grave), the lake above the lake (but forgot his name), etc. ..
Parapat own reply in the city, tourism less attractive. most can visit the palace Sukarno, tempat2 shopping.

2. Brastagi 
at Samosir we can go up to Brastagi LGS, can ride public transportation or car rental., not really expensive if public transportation, most surrounding about Rp 20.000,-, either through the valley and the magnificent cliff scenery .. and could have stopped at Sipiso-piso (the highest waterfall in Indonesia), and simalem resorts (toba lake view from the top of the mountain), in Brastagi alone, we can enjoy a water bath at lau debuk2 sulfur, and trekking in the mountains and Sinabung Sibayak ..
bring you a natural beauty and mountain scenery, there is a big river and green natural masi once ... supported by the conservation of Sumatran elephants whose population is now threatened with extinction .. be rafting on the river .. jg cost is quite cheap to get there, take the bus cm surrounding Rp 15.000, -, inn, from Rp 100,000, -
4.bukit mace 

orang-utan conservation is one of them best in Indonesia, which is still quite attractive nature, could rafting is also there. but more better is Tangkahan .. : P fare and lodging is still affordable, surrounding Rp 15.000, - and Rp 75,000, - ups .. tour of the battlefield there are some places that can be visited.Maimun palaces and mosques are situated on the road highway Brig Katamso, close to the airport, about  15menit only. entrance to the palace Maimun most surrounding Rp 3,000, -,
Tjong A Fie's house, field independence, free walk, old post office, city hallIt all lies in the way Ahmad Yani. one lane and one-time public transportation, real cheap walking  vomiting on the field ..
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