Thursday, December 9, 2010

Statue of God blessing all Menado

Once landed in Manado, amazed by airportnya. In addition to Jakarta, Manado Airport in this course include the best in Indonesia. International Standard deh. By writing in a language Minahasa: Sito Timou Tumou engga Tou, which means if one remembers: the living turn on other people, ambience airport in Manado is very different.

For until the city, need about 50 minutes journey through 'forest' is very beautiful. Far more beautiful again on arrival in the city.

Moreover, we can also see the beauty and air of this segar.Kali I invite you all to see the other side of the statue of Christ Blesses presence established in areas Citraland Manado, North Sulawesi, is not only expected as a place of religious tourism. The monument is situated on the hill was also noted the history of suffering of the people of Manado, especially during the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945.

It was deliberately presented by Ciputra as the founder of religious tourism, especially for Christians. When inaugurated the Way of the Cross in the compound, some time ago, Ciputra in detail to explain, just down the road of the cross, precisely at the feet of Christ Blesses, created reliefs and sculptures Manado suffering residents who experienced Japanese atrocities.

There are four statues depicting the suffering. One of them a mother who was carrying children under five naked. Although whole body sculpture painted white, still visible expression of the mother who is so mellow and sad and miserable. He seemed to think what will happen to the future of the children under five skinny and naked, who describes her parents' poverty.

The presence of the statue of mother and children who suffer from this increasingly finding evidence of the truth, with Ciputra own admission that his father, Tji Sien Poe, a small trader died in Japanese custody.

The statue next to it, form a handsome man picture of successful people. Two statues are made in Bogor since 1947 is like nothing to do. Of the mothers with a limp baby slumped on the ground, turned into handsome man successful in life. The statues were indeed wanted to say about the nature of suffering towards a revival.

"In this religious tourist complex, I really want to lift the suffering of Manado to always remember the suffering. People who know the suffering will always be blessed," said Ciputra.

Perhaps the expected interchange with North Sulawesi Governor SH Sarundayang when inaugurated the project. The monument is not just related to the presence of supporting infrastructure that dibangaun Ciputra residential complex in the region. The building was expected to actually be a reflection of the sincere faith of the manufacturer. The monument is expected to be a place of contemplation of the human struggle in the face of suffering.

Further understanding of faith expressed Sarundayang reflection is where this is not just an icon of religious tourism, but more than that. Its presence could be a reflection of the universal that religious shrine that can bear contemplation to society.

That's why, when pilgrimage in this place we can also see social history, can see a life of suffering. For the suffering that humans must try how to get to the resurrection.

It seems the expected Ciputra in his book, Winning the Human Accompanied God. How do we have to be raised from suffering, then become superior human beings who do not just rely on the brain, but also has a spirit of religiosity.


There was no intention ambitious in building this tourist complex. For Ciputra, everything flows just like that, after he initiated the emergence of the project. "Perhaps his inspiration from God himself," he said.

Statues of people suffering during Japanese occupation of Manado is located around the foot of the statue of Christ Blesses buffer is above the street procession of the cross, just above the top of the hill as high as 33 meters. Inaugurated a new road that crosses consist of 14 stops and 187 steps. As a place of pilgrimage, in this complex will also include the Garden Gethsemane, in which it will be built dioramas arrest of Jesus Christ before the crucifixion.

As a universal region, in this place too soon built open-air theater, which can be used for international meetings related to anything. In this regard, the Governor Sarundayang strongly supports the construction of the building.

"Currently in Indonesia every year there are about 400 international macampertemuan. Had five percent of them can be held in Manado, would strengthen the world of tourism in this city. Where appropriate a representative attend the meeting in Manado," said Sarundayang.

Sarundayang also promising, complex religion tourism could become an icon as a city tour of Manado religious community.

On the first occasion where it will be promoted in meeting the World Ocean Conference (WOC) in May 2009 in Manado. "We will introduce this as a place where participants visit the WOC," he said.

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