Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tomohon Flower City

The morning was thick fog all the way to overshadow Tomohon, when the weather in Manado quite bright. Understandably the city is surrounded by four mountain where two of whom are still active and the Mount Lokon Mahawu. So no wonder, when the air is very cold in this city. Characteristics of urban topography is mountainous and hilly Tomohon that stretches from north to south region of North Sulawesi.

Livelihoods of the urban population is also adjust the characteristics of topography that is planting flowers and vegetables. But the most famous of this city the flower garden and cultivation activities. Along the main street of this city have a long row florist shop. There is a flower shop in the back of his store provides a place budidya flowers at once.

Panorama surrounding people's flower gardens are very beautiful moments such as the flowering season in December, January, April-June. You can stay a few days at the guest house located in the middle of the house residents and usually near the flower garden.

Strolling in the morning while enjoying the vast expanse of colorful flowers to pamper the eyes for a moment. Moreover, Mount Lokon background, when the weather is sunny, beautiful colorful flower gardens looked like a rug at the foot of the mountain. No wonder the city Tomohon dubbed the Flower City because it is of interest to the identity of this cool temperate city.

In addition, there Tomohon Flower Festival in June-July each year which showcases a variety of events to preserve the tourist potential of this city. This event includes a parade of vehicles from public or government agencies decorated with flowers and flower tournament that followed 94 cities in Indonesia that was held at Inspiration Hills, Tomohon.

In Tomohon Flower Festival 2008, approximately 14 million stems are used to decorate the float (floats) and to meet the needs of the show has prepared 20 million flower stalks. Assorted flowers contained in Tomohon like flowers Marygold, Krackeli, Chrysant, and Aster.

The most unique flowers can be found in this city that is Orchid Head (Phajus thankervillae). Tomohon endemic flower is different from other orchid species, which is where the growth is not stuck in a tree, but must be planted in the ground.

You can also walk around with a gig at the city's main streets Tomohon only paying around USD 3 thousand. No less interesting, you can also visit places of cultivation of horticultural crops in the vicinity of Rurukan vegetables, horticultural center. It appears some farmers transporting his cocoa to be sold into the market by public transport or car motor.

Not only flowers that can be enjoyed, tourists can also visit amusement parks, traditional markets and shopping centers, Mount Lokon, Mount Mahawu, craft villages in Minahasa-style wooden house Woloan, complex waruga, prayer hills, waterfalls Tinoor, Lake Linow, agrotourism in Rurukan, and amfitheater in Woloan.

Besides flowers, Tomohon city is also famous for its unique traditional markets. If before Christmas, the meat sellers in the market will be selling various types of four-legged animal meat. Beef and chicken is definitely there, but there is a unique characteristic of meat such as pork, paniki (bats), snakes, crested black macaques (monkeys), boar, RW (dog), forest mice, etc.

Big day ahead of Christmas celebrations usually Minahasa community that nearly 80 percent are Christian was entertaining guests with various dishes. So no wonder when a variety of meat is served separately mengahangatkan atmosphere when all the relatives gather.

So do not be surprised if a visit to Market Tomohon and see various animals on display at the butcher stall. It's like that's the uniqueness of this market, taking one hour drive from Manado was willing to sample various dishes from the animals
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