Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Terunyan VILLAGE


Name of Village Terunyan derived from the word "Taru and incense, fragrant tree that grew in the village, the people there believe that the tree was very important. The corpse of the deceased is placed on top of an open grave under a tree with an open face with a white cloth and wear only "food shelf. " How burial is called "Mepasah".
Name Trunyan which is one of the old village in Bali. To achieve Trunyan Village, we will first pass through Penelokan attractions. From the capital city of Bali province will cover the distance about 65 km / and from the capital city of Bangli will travel a distance of 23 km.Dari Penelokan, you can view the beauty of Lake Batur. Sometimes seen as serving the tourist boat in each crossing from village to village Kedisan Trunyan. From a moment we also can take my eyes to see the panorama of nature surrounding mountains with a cool breeze.

The remains of the frozen lava and black almost evenly spread across the region become an attraction for every visitor. While the route through which the object, linking the tourist area with attractions Tampaksiring Batur and Besakih Temple. To complement the existing tourism facilities in the village of Batur Area Kedisan built a boat dock that specifically serve the crossing leading to the Trunyan. For one motor boat, usually able to accommodate a maximum of seven tourists. With an affordable transportation tariff of Rp 250,000, - per seven people and the tourists can tour around the lake Batur. The travel time of approximately one hour tourists really gratified when he visited around Lake Batur.

Village which has many unique Trunyan situated on the edge of Lake Batur surrounded by cliffs and hills. That said, there is a tree that smelled incense Taru very fragrant. That said ... The smell was pushing Queen Cede Pancering universe to come to the source of the smell. He met with Ida Ratu Ayu Dalem Pingit around fir tree landing. It was there and then they marry and witnessed by villagers who were hunting Landung forest. Taru incense that is what has turned into a goddess who is none other than the wife of Queen Ida pancering universe. Before formalizing the marriage, the Queen Cede invite villagers to set up a pine Landung village called incense taru who over time become Trunyan. The village is precisely located in the district of Kintamani, Bangli regency. Trunyan has many unique and highest charm is unique in treating the body as both Hindus generally the people who live there. Not only  in Bali who solemnize Ngaben for burning corpses in Trunyan, corpses are not burned but only placed in the cemetery. Precisely that is the skull skull charm Trunyan as an ancient village and is considered the village bali bali aga or trully. Trunyan has three three types of graves which, according to village tradition Trunyan three types of graves were classified by age people, died integrity of bodies and how penguburan.Grave main is considered the most holy and most good. Of bodies of bodies buried his body was intact, no defects and the body of the death process is considered fair or not suicide and accidents.

There are seven grave and if all the grave is full and no more new bodies that will be a long dikubu bodies raised from the pit / and the new bodies will occupy the hole.

Old bodies will be just on the edge of the hole. So do not be surprised if the Setra wayah scattered human skulls that that should not be planted or dumped.Trunyan uniqly is ancient relics. Inscription Trunyan saka year 891 AD, mentions the existence of a temple called Pura pancering universe. In this temple there is a holy building which bertumpang seven Meru. In Meru dala saved a megalithic stone statue as high as approximately 4 meters by society Trunyan very sacred.

The statue known as Arca da donta. Place berstananyan queen big universe pancering. Meru overlap in seven is regarded as a symbol of man. Blonde woman on pelinggih Ida Ratu Ayu dalem pingit form three overlapping Meru equipped with the symbol that can not be measured therein. Pradeep Purusa Linggih symbols according to public confidence Trunyan and other Balinese people is a symbol of fertility. Trunyan also has another uniqueness namely, Brutuk Barong Dance, which is believed to Queen Pancering incarnation of Jagat.

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