Thursday, February 24, 2011


In the culinary world, West Sumatra is famous for its cuisine and the restaurant in Padang Padang. Padang cuisine is famous for its spicy flavor that can be found in almost all corners of the archipelago, and can be found also in foreign countries. Some examples of food from West Sumatra is very popular is the Rendang, Satay Padang, Dendeng Balado, Ayam Pop, Soto Padang, and Porridge Champion. In addition, West Sumatra also has hundreds of recipes, such as Galamai, Wajik, Kipang Nuts, Bareh Randang, Dakak-dakak, Rakik Maco, Karupuak Balado and Karupuak Sanjai. Typical food of each city and district in West Sumatra to becomes souvenirs (souvenirs) are: the city of Padang is famous for yam and karupuak Balado, Kota Padang Panjang famous satenya, Kota Bukittinggi with karupuak sanjai, Payakumbuh with galamai and Bareh rendang, Agam regency is famous for Palai rinuak and pensi, South Coastal District rakik Maco, Tanah Datar with lamang Limo and dakak-dakak The simabua it.
Enjoyment of food one can not be overlooked, especially those foods can be sampled in the tourist area, famous restourant, and in special places. People are always remembered with pleasure a food if the food contains the historical, cultural, and typical of a region. Minangkabau of West Sumatra and the nature of Padang is famous for its cuisine. Padang cuisine is not limited to this area of West Sumatra, but across the country, even to foreign countries. One that makes people minang good cook is because this region is famous for spices material that thrives in nature Minangkabau. Civilized communities is also well known and often hold events seremunial (baralek), or a wedding, the appointment of progenitor prince, custom event village, and to a religious event which is inseparable from art and culture. So that the demands of delicious food is a must. Usually the girls minang and boys are always taught how to cook as the provision of life primarily for purposes of your own or one of the capital outside the region.
If we want to enjoy delicious fish curry, go to the Gulf region Bungus sackcloth, here we can find a family restaurant which is famous for Snapper Fish Head, located not far from the beach is only 23 km from the center of Padang. When we eat with the family (5 people) will always be in serve by head snapper presented in a special meal, because it has other menus, such as rendang, grilled fish, shrimp chips, and vegetable cassava, visitors only pay Rp 100,000, - to Rp .150.000, -.
Travel can be forwarded approximately 4 km to the south, you will find the famous hill climb with spider nest bridge, you come across two corners and then flexure gained from restaurants. Here we can also enjoy foods that are presented in a dish of food menu and the price is almost the same as a family restaurant, but the specialty is to eat while enjoying the panoramic three-dimensional nature, looking west toward the ocean visible from a distance, the ranks of hills and mountains, as well as agricultural . If you continue the journey to the south coast we will find view bay, and you can see amazing hill .
Sub Bungus sackcloth Bay one of maritime tourism destination in West Sumatra is famous for its cottage caruline, white sand, waterfalls, and a lot carlos inn visited by foreign tourist. Besides Bungus also famous for its beautiful bay, the clear sea water, and clean beaches. The trip can be done more or less 45 minutes and a distance of 22 km from the center of Padang.

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