Monday, February 21, 2011


Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air is now a popular tourist attraction of foreign tourists. The location of the small island that is more natural, and not inhabited by humans. The atmosphere is quiet, just overgrown with tall coconut trees and plant shrubs. "You have not yet come to Lombok if Gili Trawangan," was the slogan of a recent tour sticking in Lombok.

On Gili Air found many pairs of young foreign tourists. They looked relaxed enjoying reading while sunbathing for more tanned skin. Some enjoy the beauty of the underwater Gili Air without the need to wet the glass bottom boat. Snorkeling be our choice of activities on the island. At a depth of 1-6 m sea around the coast, clams (clam), blue and yellow with a variety of sizes, blue coral, sponges wide as a small table, tiger fish, moon fish and other colorful fish can easily be found. A group of small fish, green colored light and out of their nests among the cliffs of the sea. Unfortunately, in some parts of many reefs are damaged, but the colorful fish can be a fun entertainer.

for lovers of silence, Gili water into a suitable place, Here, unlike in Gili Trawangan, is referred deserted island and tourist travelers as well as most is already umuran. They love this island because of the silence and away from the noise of music cafes and pubs in gili Trawangan.

Here there are also many different kinds of hotels and lodging, which starts at USD. An until a distinguished Rp 50 000 (IDR)till U.S. $ 100.

Also a distinguished restaurants are mushrooming in the eastern dyke of water, provides a variety of different foods ranging from local food like pelecing to pizza. So ... here is pretty good facilities.

Beach with white sand, palm trees are waving, and the relaxed atmosphere creates a calm and peaceful on the small island. There is no motor noise or a car because it is not allowed, the transportation is provided only Cidomo (gig) and bicycles. Many beautiful bungalow is available throughout the island. From the east coast of the island you can see the sunrise from behind Mount Rinjani (3726m) on the island of Lombok. From the west you can enjoy the sun set behind Mount Agung in Bali, Do not miss this panorama.

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