Saturday, February 12, 2011

Luar Batang Mosque

Luar Batang Mosque location was in the Jl. Outer Trunk V No. 1, Ancol, Penjaringan, Jakarta, was established by a Mujahid who came from the Hadhramaut, South Yemen, circa 1716-1756 AD, named Habib Husein bin Abu Bakar bin Abdillah Al-'Aydrus. Location of Foreign Batang Mosque was not far from the Maritime Museum, and there is the pass from the end of Jl. Fish Market at the mosque.

Habib Hussein is said to have saved the lives of a Chinese descent who were seeking refuge from the pursuit of VOC soldiers. Habib Husein courage in protecting her, making her later converted to Islam and then became an assistant Habib Husein in Islamic religious broadcasting in the area.

After walking in and through the halls of the market and ask directions, I finally crossed a bamboo bridge across the canal, with traditional boats float on the surface of the water that looks cloudy and dirty. At least two bamboo bridges that can be passed to cross the canal into the Mosque of Foreign Trunk.

Exiting the tunnel after crossing the bridge, came in a big way, and I was walking to the right. Outside the mosque tower bar is already visible after walking about 5 minutes.
Luar Batang Mosque, this bar was quite large, with a veranda on both sides towards the mosque of the large open area on the edge of the road. Outside the mosque tower-shaped bar at the bottom, then a rectangular up to the observation deck, and then pursed to the top.

When visiting the Outer Batang Mosque, the second tower being built at the top left of Foreign Batang Mosque, as seen at the tip of the left in the photo above. Currently, the tower was probably completed. On the right side of Batang Mosque Outside there are two large-patterned iron pipes which are connected by smaller pipes with valves, valves for the ablution.

Carpet that blanketed the place of prayer in the main room of Luar Batang Mosque, with the priests and the pulpit at the front, supported by marble pillars.

Unlike most of the mosque where the imam and the pulpit is in two adjoining rooms that juts into the wall of the mosque with the relatively small size, Foreign Batang Mosque imam and a room large enough pulpit, high-ceilinged, with access door on the left right. If the pulpit made of wood seem ordinary, but the ornament on top of the mihrab this looks very smooth and beautiful.

Luar Batang Mosque

Jln. Luar Batang V No. 1 Kelurahan Ancol
Kecamatan Penjaringan, Jakarta 14440.
GPS: -6.12384, 106.80660

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