Friday, March 18, 2011

8 Lessons from the Public Transport in Indonesia

By Jodi Ettenberg

If you want to travel by bus in Indonesia, you should learn to avoid the branches of trees and lull goat.

Stepping up the various modes of transportation is the best way to recognize a place, perhaps even more intimate than you want.

From the damaged vehicle until stared, cramped seating, the strange smells of spin, to livestock, public transport in Indonesia provides its own lessons.
1. There are no seat reservations

Outside major cities, the concept of seat reservation is meaningless. You indeed can be guaranteed a seat, but the tickets you do not specify in which part you would sit. You can be wedged between the boxes and sacks of rice and other farm animals.

Kernet buses will still be climbing onto the roof to request your ticket even if you have to hold on when the bus began to climb the road up the mountain.

2. Learn to duck

The trunk will be very very painful when on your head speed of 60 kilometers per hour. Especially if there are seven people who sit on the roof and trunk successive hits you like a comedy slapstik.

3. Lull goat

Second time someone left the goat in my lap when I sat on the roof, I tried to get acquainted with him. But the owner of the goat actually fell asleep.

I then learned something new: stroking the goat's head while singing a French song will help the goat to stay calm.
4. Nudge is the best weapon

The best way to make strangers who sit next to you to stop stroking your thigh in the middle of the night is by nudging his ribs. Do it hard.

5. Double standard of cleanliness

As a tourist, you are not allowed to use the toilet on the bus tonight, if only to urinate. Even the kernet would be very surprised, as if not believing, that you dare to ask.

However, the same kernet would not protest if the local residents to clean his nose on the curtains bus.
6. Cooler air means ready frozen

The cold blast of air from the AC will make you shiver. If you boarded the bus cooled, then you seemed to be in the refrigerator.

The driver or kernet do not care if you and many other passengers until almost frozen. They will only laugh, as if to say, "Hey, you're already paying dearly for the cold bus, yes this is it expensive buses are cool."

7. Ready shame karaoke session

If you sing the song Total Eclipse of the Heart, Do not Stop Believin 'or Sweet Child o' Mine in the Philippines, his remarks will be very good. But not so in Indonesia.

Get ready to be kicked out of bed when you sing, and other passengers stared.

In the end, you will be 'directed' to the deck outside, where you can sing as much.

8. Boat driver who fell asleep

It turned out that the boat driver can sleep peacefully at night.

Despite so, the boat that we were riding caught in fishing nets belonging to a small village. Wake up at 5 am because of quarrels between your boat driver and all the villagers can make you feel unsure of the rest of the trip.

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