Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lampung tourism can compete Bali

Bali Province has been known as a place of exotic coastal tourism. Bali now has a competitor in terms of tourism potential. Where is it? Yes, Liwa Area, West Lampung have a tourism asset in the form of panoramas and natural beauty.
Muklis Basri, Regent Liwa, Lampung said that the beauty of natural scenery Liwa area can compete with Bali, the fact can be used as national and international tourist destination.

So what is owned Liwa? This region is indeed exotic, lakes and coastal areas to attract travelers to visit this area. Additionally, if examined closely, this region also has historical and cultural tourism onjek unique and interesting.

"These assets need to get attention from the central government to be developed into a tourist destination (DTW), one of which is to increase the community's economy," he explained in Liwa, Rabo (26/10) yesterday.

Currently there is some potential for tourism in West Lampung, such as a waterfall tour is not managed properly. But Basri optimistic West Lampung will become national and international tourist destination if professionally managed tourism potential.

Because Basri expect the support and the central government's seriousness in developing tourism in West Lampung. Later this will impact on economic progress.

The potential of this area is not playing games, arel coastal length is 220 km ni fit to be second best surfing areas in dunia.Tapi unfortunately, still only 40% are managed by people of Lampung.

In fact, each year no less than 3,000 tourists enjoying the scenery of this region. In addition, historical and cultural attractions can also draws tourists who come to visit the West Lampung. Because this area is known as the kingdom so of course have a million stories in it. 

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