Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bali trekkingbali trekkingbali trekking

Rural nature along with bali with bali trekking on foot or will become a special experience for your vacation to Bali. Few unwind in the open.

Wista Package bali trekking is the tidy village with village mengunjugni branches where our cider will be pampered with a rural landscape that is still very fresh and bali trekking is guided by an experienced instructor who had led wisawan bali trekking tours you will be brought down the natural bali still beautiful spread over how many points. bali trekking tour package that we pack in one package bali trekking tours of course that we chose for you a tour to Bali. Bored with the usual tour to bali you do bali trekking tour package can be a very enjoyable vacation alternative. Get cheap travel package bali trekking this with us.

Bali trekking package this would be the right choice for you to down the exact nature of rural villages while tendril juice meniknati village beauty. we can also see the daily life of villagers with various activities. Bali trekking package is relatively more fun because we do not pass through terrain that is so heavy and the scenery beautiful village, get with us GO bali bali trekking tours with affordable prices
harga villages trekking
Dewasa / Adult
Anak anak / Kids
Rp . 300.000
hotel transfer P P
trekking guide
lunch / lunch
insurance until USD 100.000
visit : http://www.gobalitour.com

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