Friday, April 22, 2011

Cap Go Meh events

Thundering drums and traditional musical instrument played by the members of the litter who paraded the Tatung has been heard at dawn the day at 04.00 am, Friday (18 / 2) on the feast day of Cap Go Meh is centered in Sentebang Market, Sub Jawai, Sambas regency.

There are about 89 Tatung, 3 dragon, 2 and 3 jelangkung barongsai played to enrich the celebration of Day of the Cap Go Meh. The Tatung is coming from several areas, among others, Singkawang, Pemangkat, two villages in the district Jawai namely, Village Matangsuri and Sentebang. There's even Tatung imported directly from Jakarta, as many as four people.
As for the game jelangkung, about the same as other jelangkung game. Using the calling of spirits, until the doll can jelangkung moving by itself. Action is what it look unique. Well, some people here who then held for these dolls can be maintained.
People who watch too often contrived shock when, dolls lead anywhere.
''It makes quite diverse. Many spectacle. Who would watch action Tatung Tatung yes, want to watch it directly jelangkung. If Tatung us to see the action. But if jelangkung more on the game with others,''said Tita, a spectator from Pontianak.
He came with family. Especially enjoy the variety of actions in this package Cap Go Meh.
Tens of thousands of residents who packed every corner of the street to watch the market Sentebang ataraksi Tatung above the stretcher which had been given sharp weapons such as spears, large nails to sharp machete.
Cap Go Meh warnings became more festive when the dragon is played with a lively, lion dance which is played the children and that trusted jelangkung game can give a good message to people about this Golden Rabbit ditahun
Another uniqueness is there is a clothing and accessories used by Tatung like a god and goddess.
Besides played by the Chinese community, Tatung is also derived from the Dayak and Malay tribes. Citizens and the players Tatung this look together in a single diversity Ika.
To Pontianak Post, Chairman of the Committee Cap Go Meh Jawai Unite, Abu Husin was accompanied by convection from Jawai businessman, said this year every one litter usually given angpau Rp2, 1 million and has prepared a budget of Rp 240 million for the celebration.
These costs, he said, not including the Tatung lodging, transportation costs and their consumption. Therefore, with the help of businessmen from Jawai who now resides in Jakarta is very helpful in the celebration committee Cap Go Meh in this year.
In addition, the committee also mengelar various auction consists of food, beverages, decorations Lunar and fruits that dipercai people who bought it will have good luck and prosperity are abundant.
At the end of activity, Lio Kurniawan businessmen from Tuban, East Java is also symbolically handed over the money to the committee amounted to Rp100 million.
Guests also participated among others, Regent Sambas Ir H Burhanuddin Rashid A, the entrepreneurs who come from all over the island of Java and the line of the government, police and armed forces residing in Sambas district.

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