Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fish Gods ( Maniskidul Village)

Fish god is a kind of fish that sacred by the inhabitants in the area around the village and surrounding Maniskidul. Even in the vicinity of Kuningan, West Java, this fish is believed to be a fish special that brings blessings to anyone who can touch her ​​body.

In recent years, the legend continued to spread from mouth to mouth until the surrounding community and even from outside Cirebon Cirebon, came to the Brass wanted to see the fish god, well just see or have other destinations.

Many legends about thethe origins of these fish , assaid by Mr. Mamat , onetire leasing officer who had for years is on Cibulan , "A long time ago when King Siliwangi was alive , heruled with justice and wisdom , so that nearly all soldiers and kawulanya subject to and respect for the King.

But there was no ivory that is not cracked, as well as with King Siliwangi, despite being ruled with justice, there are still soldiers who do not like and not satisfied with the King Siliwangi. Long story short, dikutuklah rebel soldiers who are so into fish, the existence of which we can still be seen today in the pool Cibulan ".

And oddly enough no one is sure who dared to take these fish, either merely maintained, or even cooked to be eaten. Because, according to the trust the people around, barangsiapapun who dare to disturb the fish, against her will be something catastrophic.

These stories can we hear from people around, may believe it or not. Even according to the story develops, the number of fish in this pond from the beginning until now not been increased or reduced, fixed-so much for it. Never too suddenly, the fish god who is in the pool is lost some where, then right again the next day.

Aware of the tourism potential of the existence of the fish god, the local villagers to build this place, so in addition to the visitors could see the fish god that looks beautiful and sexy, also the visitors can swim with him. Do not worry, fish or fish Kancra Dewayne White, because the shiny white scales, will not disturb people who want to swim with him, even though they feel happy, because sometimes they follow us while swimming.
The pool is permanently built in 1939 is quite extensive as well, more or less the length of approximately 70 meters and width of approximately 30 meters. Each has a different depth, in accordance with the categories, namely the pool for the kids and a pool for adults.
The cool water, directly obtained from the slopes of Mount Ciremai, looks clear and tempt us to swim with the fish gods who are in the pool. To maintain cleanliness Cibulan pool, pool be drained once every two weeks, or more, if deemed the water is very dirty.
Likewise with the existing facilities at this place, the rinse bath room, changing rooms, rental tires, rental of clothes, everything is complete, it seems that the manager had been intending to combine these places as tourist attractions and tourist water fish god legend. Especially with the cost of entry is relatively cheap, only Rp 2,000 per person, certainly not going to incriminate the visitors who want to visit here.
located on the edge of provincial roads, between Brass - Cirebon Maniskidul Village, District Jalaksana, Kuningan regency. Distance from City of Brass Regency approximately 7 km to the north, and situated at an altitude of 550 m above sea level.

Total area is about 5 ha area, where in addition there is also a swimming Cibulan Petilasan Site Siliwangi King (King Pajajaran), in the ruins there are seven springs, each of which has benefits for the people who believe in it.

The seven springs are a fountain glory; Cisadane springs; kemulyaan springs a fountain of youth; springs fulfillment; safety springs and spring Cirancana. At certain times where the ruins are many diziarahi by locals or people from outside the area Kuningan and Cirebon.

Cibulan that contains the value of history, legends and sights can be a series of tourist destinations when we travel to the area of brass. Typical air cleaner, distant mountains, far from pollution plus the beautiful scenery of Mount Ciremai, always offering the beauty tours around Cibulan and brass.

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