Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Clean, Healthy, Neat, and Beautiful" Solo Moto

Indeed, according to the motto Solo Serial, acronym of "Clean, Healthy, Neat, and Beautiful", as the slogan of maintaining the beauty of the city. For the purposes of tourism marketing, tourism Solo Solo took the slogan, The Spirit of Java (Java soul) in an attempt imaging the city of Solo as a center of Javanese culture.

Once traced, there are many kinds of culinary in Solo, from side dishes, wet food (remember the pancake Solo?), dry food and various kinds of traditional drinks. One of them, the original wedang solo that it's very typical. Delicious! Even some also are lost or abandoned in accordance or adjusted by the era. In the presence of Kraton and Kraton Kasunanan Mangkunegaran, which incidentally became the center of Javanese culture, much less contribute to maintenance of traditional customs, including in it, how food processing.

To wiskul (tourism-culinary) during the day can choose: Timlo Sastro Pasar Gede, Warung Mbak Lis Strait, Dawet Telasih Bu Dermi, and Orion Bread Culinary night: Rice Liwet Purwosari Mbak Yanti, Galabo, Wong Solo Ayam Goreng, until Gudeg Ceker Margoyudan (open every day from 01:30 to 07:00 hours GMT).

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