Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Spirit of Java (Solo)

SOLO, what is on your mind when you hear that name? Are you wondering? Solo or written to Sala, is a city in Central Java province with a population of 503,421 inhabitants (data of 2010).
City with an area of ​​44 km2, is bordered by County Karanganyar, Boyolali district, and Sukoharjo. The east side of the city flowed Solo River. Together with Yogyakarta, Solo is the heir to the kingdom of Mataram which split in 1755.
After Surakarta abolished on July 4, 1950, under the administration of Surakarta, Central Java Province. Since the Local Government Act which gives more rights to local government autonomy, Surakarta become autonomous regional status.

Solo City may be relatively rare today, because it is a modern city that is still nicely arranged with a 50% green line. Here, we still can ride tricycles everywhere. Pedicab driver in Solo is characterized by painted batik on the right and left side of each pedicab.

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