Sunday, May 1, 2011

Secret of traveling in South Bali

Tegalwangi Beach

Very easy to find a route to the Coast Road this area
Find your way in Uluwatu - the beach jimbaran - live search Ayana Resorts and Spa, etc. (many resorts there) or Jl. Ritz Carlton, then straight, see you at T-junction, which if there is a straight resorts heck, take a right, there is a boardwalk writings Beach / outboard this areaYou can also parkirin motorcycle or car in front of the temple, free of charge. continue down the road to the beach with the rocks a bit steep, but passable. Our efforts paid off at the beach .. so beautiful .. sepii wuuwwww .. really .. no one there, only the same unison two high school girls (using school uniforms). So basically turisnya bit .. it would be more comfortable for lounging.

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