Friday, February 19, 2010

Alwatzikhoebillah palace in sambas

Ancient but well maintained. Green and cool. That's about the impression that arise when the Palace set foot in this Alwatzikhoebillah Sambas Sultanate. To enter the palace area, visitors will pass through two gates. The first gate is the gate to enter the square and at the same time limiting public roads with the palace area, while the second gate to limit the square with a courtyard.
The main palace building is located in the middle and have the greatest size. On the left and right, there is a support structure connected directly to the main palace building. Left wing was formerly used as a place to entertain guests of honor, while the right wing of the building used for preparing all the sultan and his family needs. Now, the left wing of the building is used as a place to store things imperial heritage.

In addition, visitors can see the former sultan's family bathing pool right next to the palace and the residence of the sultan's family who were behind the palace.
Around Alwatzikhoebillah Palace area, there are various facilities such as mosques, food stalls, guides, kiosks wartel, voucher refill pulse, the center of gifts and souvenirs, as well as canoe rentals and boat speed for the area around the palace.

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