Friday, February 19, 2010

Preserving Robo-Robo Culture

Robo-Robo culture has always done most of the Bugis people along the northern coast of West Kalimantan. This ritual to commemorate the arrival of the Menambon Opu Mempawah Guest. The event also aimed as a starting reinforcements or escape from disaster.

Robo-Robo ritual represents man's relationship with man, nature and the Creator. Every ritual performed with the meaning of the terms and philosophy. There are many lessons about the conditions and relationships are interrelated. Also the relation between the content of drafts of the earth.

For Mempawah community, the arrival Opu Daeng which is also the precursor Mempawah royal birth, has its own meaning for existence and sustainability of Bugis community in West Kalimantan.
Not just come. In the group there, participating communities and tribes. Many of the communities, the decay in various tasks and functions. This is also the symbol of interaction and assimilation that have been eating there once.

Therefore, in commemorating and perform rituals Robo-Robo, but commemorate the rites and cultures Robo-Robo, which is not less important, recalling the importance of community relations and ethnicity, which was harmonious and intertwined.

So confounding that occurs, rather than mixing the incidental nature and full of political engineering. However, a natural blend, and not easily diombang and forth a certain political interests.

Especially towards the various activities and a large agenda called the Legislative and Presidential elections. Various interests so strong attraction, to get support, and make the issue of ethnicity as a political tungangan. One could use a variety of ways, when the goal is not reached, and harming the interests of many people.

Hopefully, all can learn from the history and significance of the Robo-Robo. That the harmony between human beings, nature and all who lived mahlug, far more important than a moment of interest, which is only temporary and transient.

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