Friday, March 19, 2010

Kutai Kartanegara bridge

Entering kutai kartanegara Regency can be done through the City or Provincial Capital Balikpapan Samarinda. The travel time from Samarinda ± 30 minutes, while the Balikppan taken by ± 2 hours. In the City as the Capital District Tenggarong Kukar, there are many tourist options that can be enjoyed or visited by tourists, including the Kukar Bridge, this bridge facility merupakn Tenggarong Overseas liaison between the City of Tenggarong. The length of the bridge is 580 Meters. Built to resemble the Golden Gate Bridge located in San Francisco. 
This bridge is also access to the city of Samarinda or otherwise which may be taken only about 30 minutes. Each gantry crane 4 (four) are charged fees by as much as Rp. 1000, -. Past the bridge there Kukar interesting sights can be seen, the spread of a small island that separates the City and District Tenggarong Tenggarong Seberang, namely Kumala Island, sebuagh island has been transformed into tourism Recreation Area is a favorite destination by tourists because it is an archipelago family recreation area almost similar to the Jaya Ancol Taman Mini in Jakarta.
In Kukar Bridge area there are also large splotch clock which is a listed monument gardens and beautiful look when viewed from the bridge. Near the bridge dinagun wall climbing sports facilities as much as 2 pieces. Regions ii every evening is always filled with visitors who can enjoy the beauty of the bridge and looked Kukar Kumala Island from a distance.

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