Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DAYAK culture

Bead crafts typical Dayak tribes usually made into clothing, hats or decorating or clear seraung Aban. Now a lot of craft beads processed into bags, necklaces, bracelets, key chains and various other decoration
Bening Tool for carrying a child who only found in Dayak Kenyah tribal people.
This tool is made of wood. Usually decorated with carvings or coated with embroidery beads and coins.

 Anjat Tool shaped like a bag made of woven rattan and has two or three hooks. Anjat usually used to put the luggage when traveling.

 Blowguns To hunt or fight, blowgun has always been the main weapon Dayak tribe. This tool is made of ironwood or shaped like a long stick. sticks were given a small hole to put the blowpipe. Blowgun equipped with a spear eyes tightly tied to the end and is also equipped with a blowgun and child container (selup).

Wide-shaped hat that used to work in the fields or to withstand sun and rain. We have a lot of processed seraung-seraung small size for household decoration.

Shield or Kelembit
If there is an enemy, this deterrent has always been at the forefront. Well, be careful. The shield is made of lightweight wood, but not easily broken.
The front shield is decorated with carvings, but now is mostly decorated with paintings using black and white or red and white.

Motifs used to decorate the shield consists of 3 basic motifs:
1. Hornbill motif (Tebengaang Necklace)
2. Motif Dragon / Dog (Necklace Aso ')
3. Motif Masks (Udo Necklace ')

In addition to the personal protection from enemy attacks, the shield also serves as:
- Auxiliary equipment during a fire or protect themselves from the flames
- Equipment dancing in the dance war
- Tools to break up fight
- Equipment for the ceremony Belian

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