Saturday, October 23, 2010

The uniqueness of the Deep ocean Pearl (North Halmahera)

This morning, I woke up with a new soul, soul adventurer. Given this time, I will get a new experience in this panjangku trip. This time, in order to introduce the potential of art and culture of West Halmahera, West Halmahera District, North Maluku re-entered the Gulf Jailolo Festival 2010 which will be held on 26 May to 30 May 2010.
Jailolo is the name of a district in the West Halmahera (Halbar), is one of regencies in the province of North Maluku.

To reach the Gulf of Jailolo not difficult, it only takes 3 hours flight from Jakarta to Ternate, could also with an alternative flight to Manado via Makassar or Ternate. From Port Dufa Dufa in Ternate, proceed by sea using a speed boat for 40 minutes.
At first I did not know where is the location of Jailolo, but I've heard kesukseskan first festival. "Colourful sea of Gilolo", this is the second festival was held. Wrapped in a new concept of the show, which was named the Theatre on the sea, the future shows will be performed at sea. Can this be said to be the concept of theater that has never existed in Indonesia and even the world. In addition, there will be a series of other maritime activities, such as rowing race, swimming race, fishing competition, the race to capture trash, and the selection of maritime ambassadors.
 2010 jailolo gulf festival
Jailolo town located right in the valley of Mount Jailolo. Shortly before the ship arrived at Port Jailolo, has seen first mountain of the dead is a bit too early to welcome the arrival of each guest. In Jailolo already available means of communication is also a cell phone. Even during the trip at sea, two mobile phones I still be able to receive signals with both of two major cellular provider in Indonesia.
Before I do gladeresik Theatre of the sea, I am taking the time to do the diving, it's not complete if you do not greet kehiduan under the sea. Very beautiful and satisfied while in the sea Jailolo. The silence and peace that I was looking for every time diving and indeed should we as human beings to give less time to care for our natural state.
The next day, I was very impressed and tepukau see the seriousness of the success of theater of the sea. Some of the fishing boat, converted into the underwater inhabitants, until the stage "floating" complete with a setting depicting marine biota-based approach needs a visual realism that make the kinetic movement in the original. Elements of the traditional arts of West Halmahera also will become part of the show Theatre on the sea, such as music yanger, tataruba bamboo musical instruments, traditional dances and menuru and West Halmahera like Legu Salai, Sara dabi-dabi, do not miss too Horom Sasadu, the meal together , a cultural activity, as an expression of gratitude for the abundant harvest. One word: Spectacular!
Time to relax now, I am also always looking for beaches that are rarely visited by outsiders. Back a little boy, playing the beach, sand, run-larian, until I draw a shark with tapering eyelashes in the sand. We were surprised by the beach Idamdehe, it turns out this beach, special, no hot water flow. Unique ya ..
I've heard that, outside this Jailolo, Loloda have a very beautiful waterfall. And it is true, is extraordinary to see the work of God, directly waterfall flowing into the sea! Can not wait to get close, so, direct me, father, and friends jump from the ship and swam near the waterfall area of Loloda. Spill under the waterfall, made me think for a moment, I feel reborn, all new, keletihanku paid all through all of this beauty. Beginning with the hospitality of the West Halmahera district, local community, local divers, non-local, and natural greeting Jailolo skyline.
The experience taught me many things, if you travel to small islands, chase the sun rises, and there he appeared grateful, a new day with new vigor. And of course, before going away, as much as possible for as much information - much, so we know what we want to see, because it is related to time. Do not forget also, always take note book and camera, to pour the inspiration and capture important moments of the trip. Try it, challenge yourself with a simple trip, there lies happiness!

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